The Arborist Flinders Diaries

” She was also called Athena Nikephoros, goddess of ‘knowledge’ and the well-known “black Athena” — goddess of knowledge and victory. Even though her complexion was mild, she was racially Ethiopian.

They ended up, in fact, the seedlings of all that make our existing civilization what it is actually. The fact that the Thyia tree performed this kind of a vital and central aim of those vital websites will for good make this tree, of each of the trees within the back garden, Exclusive.

Sandra Lynn I try to eat healthier and read thoroughly on our foodstuff method I assist organic food items nature generally speaking by supplying money , Usa

Diane Richards I have no diploma I just choose to take in food from your earth the way it absolutely was intended pure and balanced, 1958, Strafford, United states of america

Janine Kievits I'm a beekeeper with scientific history who follows for beekeeping organizations The difficulty of hazards posed by pesticides to bees, Namur, BELGIUM

Marisella Tresiana I'm only a involved purchaser who is cautious Using the foods me and my household take in , Rome, ITALY

Colin K N A U File I've read through thoroughly about the pros and cons of GMO and it's been manufactured very clear to me that GMO just isn't GRAS and GMO is fraught with fraud and malfeasance , Colin Knauf, Nanaimo, CANADA

Thyia trees comprise a wonderful medicine. Historic peoples of Australia, Africa, and India are already making use of this tree with the dawn of human exercise The three,000,000 12 months old ‘Lucy’ arises from Ethiopia and might have sucked a Thyion ‘cough-drop’ (little ball of resin) on occasion.

The Sunlight-god smiled and answered, ” Your mom has spoken the truth. I'm your father. As evidence of this I will grant your one would like of one's coronary heart’s want.”

Christine Continue Chaplik A human being who was very Unwell taking in GMOs and when I stopped consuming them obtained well That s more than enough scientific evidence for me Monsanto is killing us and hiding that reality is being equally as guilty , Liberty, U . s .

Katherine Hine I practiced regulation for in excess of 30 yrs and possess a diploma in arithmetic which included a knockout post a research of figures I m in the position to location fraud Once i see it , America

Over a hike discover this the next morning, John observed a chunk of yellow substance on The bottom of the evergreen tree located all through the Australian continent. A quick sniff discovered the chunk given that the tree’s resin and recalled the dialogue with the earlier evening.

We give credit rating to Taharka for acquiring the foresight to protect the sacred know-how by relocating the oracle internet sites, and also to his sister for propagating the sacred groves of Thyia. These centers were vital in the event of arithmetic, geometry, philosophy and democracy, and cosmology and spiritual awareness.

Much more amazing parallels have been found in between Mayan mythology and also the biblical account of development inside the guide of Genesis.

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